Injections are the alternative source of getting drugs into body for a penile erection. Injections are methods used by males who do not want drugs for erection. The injection also uses the medicines that push the blood flow towards the penis to a penile erection.

Erectile dysfunction makes it difficult to get the penile erection that is necessary for a penetrative sex. Seniors males with erectile dysfunction prefer injection over other methods. Often these people have allergy to the chemicals used in the drugs like Viagra 150 mg. Injection injected medicines directly in either side of the penis. The erection process starts within 15 minutes. The erection lasts until the completion of the sex. Let us study the safety of the injected medicines.

Medicines used in injections to overcome erectile dysfunction

Medicines used in the injection by males to overcome the erection problem are papaverine, phentolamine, and prostaglandin E1 (PGE1) or alprostadil (Caverject, Edex, and MUSE). Often only one medicine is injected through injection on the side of the penis. But combination of medicines is also used. The combination can be BiMix, which contains palavering and phentolamine, or Trimix, which has all three medications aforementioned.

The action of the injection is the same as that of drugs like Cialis 20 mg pills . The medicines immediately relax the blood vessels in the penis. The relaxed blood vessels dilate to draw blood in the smooth muscles of the penis. The penis filled with blood gets enlarged and erects when the man is sexually excited. The increase in blood circulation leads to penile erection.

Reasons injectable medications method is preferred.

Penile injections are preferred by males who have a strong dislike for chemicals used in erectile dysfunction drugs. The dislike may be due to allergy or side effects which drugs give. The side effects are a headache, vomiting, dizziness, drowsiness, blue tint in vision in case of Viagra and back pain in case of Cialis. The seniors cannot face these side effects, which makes them try injections for overcoming erectile dysfunction.

The other method like the plantation of rods on the sides of the penis through surgery is also not a preferable option by males. The second surgery, if first one goes wrong, can damage the nerves of the penis. The chances of erection can be destroyed forever, if second surgery is performed due to some reason. That is why; the injection therapy is the only methods liked by some males to get the needed penile erection for sex.

Minor side effects of injections for erectile dysfunction

Some brushes and minor swelling occurs in penis after the injection. Some males feel pain in penis after injection. Then, if you inject on the same spot, a scare may develop at the same place. Places should be changed every time you need an injection. Both sides of the penis are used alternatively to inject the medicine. It is also a fact that with right techniques in using injection, the cases of bleeding, pain, and swelling are considerably reduced.

Another side- effect of injection is prolonging erection. This prolonged erection of penis is abnormal and lasts more than the needed time. The prolonged erection should be brought to the notice of the medical expert, as prolong erection damages the nerves of the penis.

Efficacy of injection for erectile dysfunction

Males who use injection for getting a penile erection are satisfied with the final result. It is a better alternative than rod plantation through surgery on either side of the penis. The erection one gets is enough to last until orgasm. The users are satisfied with the injections. Seniors males with severe erectile dysfunction do not want to use the higher doses like levitra 10 mg (Vardenafil dosage), as it enhances the side effects. But injections are considered safe and effective by users.

Injections on the penis are a bit uncomfortable thing, but the efficacy of injection is beyond question. If you are able to inject without the help of a doctor, it is the best treatment for you. For an old man with erection issue, injections are the fastest way to get an erection. The erectile dysfunction drugs like Cenforce 100 may take to get absorbed as metabolism decreases in old age.

Before the injection on the penis, make sure that syringe is not handed by hands. The syringe should be taken straight out of its sealed pack. Always prefer a new syringe for each injection and avoid using used syringe. With these precautions, injection therapy for erectile dysfunction remains an effective alternative.